Microsoft Products Licensing

Microsoft Products Licensing Program was created based on the needs of costumers to have systems or programs that let them have a the best experience and achieve the most with them. To choose any of these products you must agree with Microsoft terms depending on the type of services you want to acquire.

Licensing terms are only the conditions and terms for any product or service that you bought with your Microsoft Volume Licensing Program. It’s necessary to agree and obey them at any time.

See a general list of licensing terms next

Product terms

These terms determine how you can purchase and use a license for any Microsoft product that you acquire by the Microsoft Volume Licensing program.

Online Services Terms (OST)

When you want to use any online service provided by Microsoft, then you have to accept and agree with the Online Services Terms. Remember that all these terms are only for any product or services purchased by the Microsoft Volume Licensing program.

Services Provider Use Rights (SPUR)

Those statements indicate how any product acquired through the Microsoft Services Provider License Agreement (SPLA) should be used.

Service Level Agreements (SLA)

These statements or terms determine how Microsoft has to act to keep the quality of Microsoft Online Services. This company offers a section with documents of all different editions of the SLA.

More about licensing terms

The Microsoft Licensing terms of products and online services purchased through Microsoft Volume Licensing programs are updated on a determined period depending on the type of terms. You can see next how often do these terms update:

  • Product Terms and Online Service Terms: they are updated monthly.
  • Services Provider Use Rights, ISV EULAs and Product List: they are updated quarterly.

On Microsoft Licensing Terms site you can see all the rights, terms and politics on diferent languages that are available directly in this web. That makes the experience more satisfying.

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